Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I want MOAAAAAAAAAAAR holiday! One week holiday is not enough for me to do my business plan assignment & play PS2.

More updates soon... Tidoooo dulu..


After tido-ing..

Went back with my bro last Saturday. I was SHOCKED to see him with a new girlfriend (gf). After what happened between him & his previous psychotic girlfriend, I never expect him to get a new girlfriend & moreover after my mum advised him to focus on his job not so long ago. He is really a girls-magnet (-___-)"

Both of my brother & his new gf slept over at my house. They wanted to go back on the same but it's just impossible and too tiring. I was right when my brother thought that he's driving from KL to Taiping is like driving from Penang to Taiping. He's lack sense of direction.

His new gf was a nice Sabahan girl. Kindda cute with her long, I mean really long, straight hair. We chatted a lot on the way back. Apparently , she will be going to Leeds soon to further her study. I wonder what's going to happen to brother at that time. He ain't that young anymore. I want to have my very own niece/nephew. I bet my mum want grandchildren too. Most of her friends already have grandchildren.

I didn't anything much during the holiday except trying to complete my ASSginment & when I get tired of it, I played PS2. I tried "God Hand" but got stuck at a boss fight at Stage 3. I cant defeat the evil girl in pink suit who blow big-and-deadly-blow-kiss & she turned my character into a chihuahua so many times D:

Then I tried "Okami" & apparently I got stuck in the game when I accidentally went into the Moon Cave without a fire brush & the other 4 final brushes. Heck I don't even know where to get the brush since I played without a FAQ. I can't turn back either coz Issun don't let me to & the village-sake-brewer girl, Kushi was choosen to be sacrificed for the evil 8-headed Orochi go by herself until I met her at the Shinshu Field & there was a cut scene of Ammy, the white wolf tossing Kushi onto her(Ammy) back. I can only go to Moon Cave & there I can't complete the task given by the evil-being cooking chef coz I don't have the fire brush to melt the ice.

Getting stuck at that place, I restart the game & played carefully until the last part when I got the wind brush. Then I played Final Fantasy 12 instead. To my horror my PS2 cant load the scene in Eruyt Village. Kyaaaaaa!!!

So I can't continue the game too.. I think it's either the PS2 overheated or the game CD is corrupted. But I think it's the PS2's problem. Remember when I posted about my step brother who broke his arm yet he can finished up Devil May Cry 3 game? He played day & night non-stop and finished the game within a few days :/

I'm feeling sad & pissed at the same time T-T



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