Saturday, April 09, 2005

online games

i found a few links for online games in neXus forum. Dont know if they are good

Soul Knights

Chaotic Empires

Battle On

The Crims (criminals wannabe :P)

KalOnline (nice graphic ^^)

I never try playing them yet, so I dont know if they're good or not.
(all are suitable for those who stay in EP except KalOnline :P)
Try 'em
PS : I prefer Darkthrone

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

*sleepy mode*

Sorry coz i didnt posted anything for a long time. Been very bz with my project which until now i havent finished >.< (sorry im not bz with study coz i dont study :p) Im just gonna summarize all things that happened to me lately.

Alpha Nite
Went there with gen_tiger and safura.We rent a car. Nothing much happened. The food (except the soup) was nice and had MMU band to play music which was freaking loud. Cannot dance coz the hotel management dont let us do that as they need to clean up the ballroom for tomorrow's event. (It finished at 1am)
*both Safura and gen_tiger looked beautiful and cool in their outfit XD

Cyber Anime Week 05
I brought ALL of my Gempak comics to Cyber campus hoping that i can get their cartoonist's signature. Only Ben, Kaoru and Keith were there. Ben looked so cute with his 3/4 pants and thick black glasses. He's chubby too ^^
Kaoru is pretty and Keith is not bad looking either and very polite. After the event in Cyber campus, we went to Alamanda shopping centre. It was so cool. I bought new turtle neck shirt at Goggles and 4 original anime soundtrackCDs for only RM9.90 XD cheap~~ cheap~~
Something funny happened on the way back to Melaka. I sat with 'someone' in the bus and his head ended up on my shoulder (I was having my KFC =.=) I was screaming like hell in my heart. Dont want to wake him up coz he sleep soundly - must be very tired ne (Must not reveal his name or else he's going to feel very shy :p)

SPB Appreciation Dinner
I took lotsa pic for the dinner and uploaded them into ncube. We had Shakey's pizza, fried chicken etc. Feel very full after that lolzzz. A few ppl have been selected for SPB post like Wei Ching (new neXus head), Adrian (new Sigma head) and Chia Meng (new admin head). All guys~~ even the Publisher is also a guy.... good if you know what I mean :p
We also had a birthday cake for Carl as it was his birthday. They made a fake cake with poly and use the cake cream to decorate it. Then Sang asked Carl to cut the cake but he couldnt. It was as hard as stone and we all were laughing like hell. Then Sang took out the real cake and asked Carl to cut it. It was fun ^^ I stayed in SPB until midnight and had supper with Eza and Fabian. Oh yea, I've got to know new SPB member. Dont know his full name so I call him CY. Nice guy ^^

JusT a bit for my exam... I didnt study for Moral. SERIOUSLY...

I guess that all for now ^^ Oh yea, on the 16th will be the last day I'm in Melaka. I'll pack my stuff and go back to my hometown. Wont blog for quite sometime as dont have internet connection at home. My mum disable it when i came here to study. Too bad :(

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