Tuesday, March 20, 2007

stewpiak driver

Ya know what happened to me & hsia liang while we were on our way to Melaka for GACC? A stupid lorry driver cut Q while we were on the highway near Melaka. The road over there was under construction, so only one lane was opened. That stupid driver cut our lane from the left. Hsia Liang hon him but he just ignore us. KNNCCB man..
Thank god our car didn't crash with the lorry or else I won't be able to go to GACC & see sexy Dante.. I mean see the cosplayers & Mr Tohru Furuya :P

I tried call number where you're suppose to call whenever you want to launch a complaint about lorry / bus etc drivers but the line was busy (perhaps it never works at the first place). So, I googled & found a link to this site where I keyed in my details in the form. I hope that stewpiak driver will get busted. Hmmmphhhhh!!! t('.'t)



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