Sunday, November 21, 2004


Oh yeah. I fight like a girl because I AM a girl. This poster gave me the motivation to get back to my Taekwon-do training. Hell yeah. I'm going to kick everyone asses during sparring (like I can :þ) OKOK. I'll continue until I get my black belt which is likely not going to happen >.<
It's kindda tough for me to catch up with my friends during training.

You see, I joined ITF (International Taekwon-do Federation) group
when I was in high school (4 years back) while the club that I've joined in my current university is WTF (World Taekwon-do Federation NOT what the f*** :D) The way they call those kicking techniques are totally different. I get so confuse during training & this made my movements are abit slow compare to the other because I need to SEE how they perform the kicking techniques or else I'll be the 'alien' & people will laugh the hell out of me.

Sometimes I wonder if I some sort 'betrayed' my old ITF group seeing that I'm now in WTF. But I still wear ITF uniform & belt because I dont want to waste money to buy a new one so that I'll have money to go for shopping (hehehehe that's one of my hobby)
I miss all those time when i went for tournament & got whacked. But those are now left only as sweet memories although I got whacked all the time during sparring.Yeah, I admit that I'm not good in sparring but I'm not ashame of it because I'm a good supporter. I mean... REALLY GOOD one. I'll scream, yell, shout & whatever you call it to support my friends & yes, we always be the overall champion. No one can beat teams from LMS!!!!

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Deep Sea Creatures

Ever wonder what is living deep under the sea where even the sunlight can't reach?
Know this. You'll will get to know a few 'dark mysterious' creatures beyond under the sea.


light bulb anyone?

The deep sea dragonfish is a ferocious predator in spite of its small size. This fish grows to about six inches in length. It has a large head and mouth equipped with many sharp, fang-like teeth. The dragonfish has a long barbel attached to its chin. This barbel is tipped with a light-producing organ known as a photophore. The dragonfish uses this organ like a fishing lure, flashing it on and off and waving it back and forth. Once an unsuspecting fish gets too close, it is snapped up in the dragonfish's powerful jaws. The dragonfish also has photophores along the sides of its body. These light organs may be used to signal other dragonfishes during mating. They may also serve to attract and disorient prey fishes from deep below. Dragonfishes live in deep ocean waters at depths of up to 5000 feet (1,500 meters). They are found in most tropical regions around the world. (one of my favourite lil dark fish :> looks like Alien from "Alien VS Predator" movie right?)

Hmm.... these are also creatures that live with my lil dark fish friend deep under the sea. Cute huh?

Cute fish with big head but with small body. It is called oreo dory. Reminds me of Oreo cookies >.<

Blimey!! This gunard fish reminds me of sea horse.They look almost the same.

This cute lil fish is called the coffin fish and this cutie species dont make coffins for other dead fish. It's just.... ridicilous.

I think understand what it's been called as the blind lobster.I mean just look at its body. Looks like have been squashed down by something & it look sooooo thin.I dont think we can't eat this lobster anyway.

Well, here's only a few example of creatures that we rarely see (I think someone of you never even heard of these weird creatures name before - including me BWEE~~~ :þ)
I've got all these photos from forwarded mail from a friend of mine.

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

uh oh....

2 more days before my final exam but.... i havent even touch my lecture notes yet.... ARGHHHHHH!!! i'm sooooooo doom. i'm so going to sit for the supplementary paper.
i'm so going to fail my economics paper (what's GDP - uh oh i've lost my memory)
hopefully my com apps question paper will be easy.. or else.. supp paper... >.<
*bangs her head on the wall*
#transform STUDY MODE#

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umm well. i dont even know why I set up this blog. just feel like want to do it.
bwee~~ nothing special. just for the sake of having fun & kill my boreness especially during semester break. i'm no sure how this thing work but i'll try my very best to find out :p
and you know what... i still miss my hunny :(

P/S: first time type in here. sorry if you find it too plain & simple



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