Thursday, November 17, 2005

down with sickness

Yea. Im sick. I was sick even before i got back to Melaka which was a week ago. I went to panel clinic at my hometown coz i have sore throat. Well, not really sore throat, my tonsil was affected by (?) (that's what the doc said :/) and I can hardly swallow my food. Even to drink some water was a big problem to me back then.

She also said that i should be having fever and cough too if I don't ake my medicine. So she gave me antibiotic, fever and orangie pills for my throat. Not to forget also my cough medicine. I thought i would be OK when I got back to Melaka but i was dead wrong.
Now, not only i have sore throat (my tonsil is OK now), I have running nose and MAJOR headache. Feel like wanna chop off my head >.>

My head feels so heavy and whenever i cough, I can feel the pain on my head and ear. Your mouth is somewhat connected to yours ear in a complicated ways. Go figure in biology class >.< I'm totally fucked up. I went to EMiNA's meeting just now, not only late but also unable to speak properly. My voice changed a few times. Duh~ Also, I spread the virus among the hicomms too XD

Now i have to take my medicine which are.....

1 tablet of antibiotic (i dont really know what it's for)
1 tablet of fever pill (coz im having minor fever)
1 tablet of sore throat pill (my throat is killing me)
1 tea spoon of cough medicine (*cough*)
5 (yea FIVE) tablets of Spirulina (my mum force me to take it)
1 tablet of folic acid (to help my body build more red blood cells)

I feel like a total sick person who stays in the hospital for eating those pills and tablets :/

PS: I suppose to post about Miss Motorola and Miss Nokia lil trip to the town but I'm sick so the entry is going to be out soon.... Not now... Just wait ^^

*runs off the bed and ZzZZzZz...

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

too lazy...

I'm too lazy to update my blog in details. So I'm just going to make it short. Will edit it when I feel "rajin" a lil ^^;
1) For one whole week during the semester break, I've been staying a home doing nothing. Bleh~
2) After that particular boring week, I decided to join my step sister working at Fajar supermarket as cashier.
3) So, i worked there for a least 3 weeks. Forget bout Deepavali and Hari Raya day off ; I WORKED ON THOSE DAYS.
4) Total payment by the end of my day working there is around RM300 + including OT (overtime) and double payment for working on Deepavali and Hari Raya.
5) I bought myself a pair of baju kurung as I always wanted to have one. Next I shall have DVD ROM. Most probably DVD burner as well. Not sure yet
6) I miss my darling alot :(

I got this from my friend's blog
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Misako chan? >.<
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Pa!! Pa!! You rocks XD
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Eto.. I'm not so sure bout this ^^;
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It's proven that I'm blur kindda person *sweats*

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I'm not so sure bout being able to make people laugh and being a good storyteller...
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I like to dream alot.. especially bout someone special ;)
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No comment on this. It's complicated :|
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I seduce no one. HONEST!! >.<

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Feel muh power. You're pwnd :P

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