Sunday, June 25, 2006

tsk tsk


tsk tsk. I wonder what was in their mind (including the victim)



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Friday, June 23, 2006

my list

Here are stuff that I need/want/dream of and plan/going to buy soon/later

1. NEW CRT monitor/ LCD screen (NEED it csince my current on is almost black & white with some yellow and purple color at the center and corner of the screen)
2. 1GB RAM (currently mine is only 256MB. Used to be 512MB but dont know wut happened to it when I sent to a shop for repair)
3. new graphic card (cant play Onimusha, Dynasty Wariror, Narnia, Black & White etc)
4. external HDD (for my collections & backups)
5. new casing (to prevent myself to get shock from accidently touching my casing back part everytime I open my wardrobe - cant put my CPU under the table coz there's no hole on it to put the cables through)
6. DVDRs
7. new printer (my current one sucks alot)
8. Ion litium battery (as a spare for my digi cam)
9. new motherboard (I know I got new one not long ago but I want a powerful one)
10. DVD burner (YES!! new one)
11. Ipod nano
12. PSP
13. Black color Gen 2
14. Nikon D70 / Lumix TZ1
15. LG Chocolate (yummie~)

that's all for now....



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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

holiday nightmares

I post this since Kiwi bug me for an update. I went back to Baling the day after I got back from Melaka coz one of my relative passed away. Been there for almost a week without my PC and my nieces/nephews have been bugging me alot which includes bullying (pinches, molest, bites, wrestle etc)

One of my niece followed me back to Taiping and stayed with me and my mum until last Saturday. Her name is Salitta and she's only 7 years old. Very naughty and like to manja with me but I tend to ignore her manjaness :P

She somesort "run away" from home coz her siblings incuding her 3 years old sister bullied and always make her cry. Funny right? Well, I told her that she's too skinny (18kg only. what do you expect). I MADE her eat during her stay here but it was pointless. This girl rarely eat rice. She likes breads, buns, cakes and other western food.

She called me a bad girl and I told that she'll sleep in the living room during night time since that's what bad people will usually do and straight away she came hugging my waist tightly. She sleep with me in my room and always ended up taking over my sleeping space. I always got up every night and drag her body to the side of my bed next to the wall during her stay. Sometimes her legs ended up on my tummy and talk in her sleep. She giggled once... which was kindda creepy.

I took lotsa photo of her but seeing that I'm in cyber cafe now, I wont be able to upload her pic. Will edit this post once I got a proper internet connection with my own PC.
KDU Cosplay got canceled. Basically, my holiday break was a boring one. I've been watching CSI and some random animes. Watched some soccer match also.

Germany vs Costa Rica 4-2
Japan vs Australia 1-3

I was hoping that Japan will win but I guess the player got too tired and Aussie player made use of the chance to score 3 goals for the FREAKING LAST 15 MINUTES!!
I kept on shouting "FUCK" for the last 15 minutes before the game ends. Japan will have a tough time now.

Oh yea, I support Germany, Japan and South Korea. While Matthew support Holland :P
That's all for now

PS I : Nakata doesnt look handsome anymore. Sad case
PS II : Ono shaved his head and he doesnt look cute anymore too
PS III: Australia scored for the first time in their sport history for FIFA World Cup. Players who scored goal will get 10k for each goal (If I'm not mistaken)
PS VI : Japan goalkeeper played well until the last 15 mins. I guess he got too tired after being pushed and forced to keep the ball out from the goal post. He's small (that's what my mum said :P)
PS V : Long live to the King of Thailand. Took over the throne when he was only 19 years old because his elder brother died mysteriously. Thai people really love their king and queen. They actually cried when the king got sick. Does this ever happen in Malaysia? Nahhhhhh... Perak state itself have 3 different royal families (-___-)"

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