Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bleach madness!!

I downloaded a few latest chapter of Bleach manga and went through of those zip files that i have in my HDD. I was far left behind compare to other people in downloading manga and reading them. Sigh. Too bad, i can only download manga from EP. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa~~
Well I just want to show some nice part in the manga that i downloaded which is colored by some artists. Good eh? XD

1. Zaraki Kenpachi; 11th squad Captain
2. Kuchiki Byakuya; 6th squad Captain and also Rukia's brother
3. Kurosaki Ichigo; the main character in Bleach anime.
4. Aizen Sousuke; 5th squad Captain (he may look innocent but he's EVIL! you'll know what i mean as the story expending - he stabbed his own Vice Captain, Hinamori Momo)
5. Soi Fong; 2nd squad Captain
6. Matsumoto Rangiku; 10th squad Vice Captain
7. Inoue Orihime; a shy and cute girl who falls for Ichigo
8. Shihouin Yoruichi; 2nd squad ex-Captain (stronger than Soi Fong)
9. Aizen Sousuke without his glasses. Good looking right?

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

random stuff + Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children madness

Last week EMiNA had anime merchandise selling in CLC. Didnt have that much merchandise. Lack of keychains and hot posters like Final Fantasy. I wish i could find more Final Fantasy posters but too bad couldnt find any when i was in KL and shops around Malacca. The Naruto wrist band was a hit. Both to the wrist band were gone before noon at the first day. Oh man. I should have bought more wrist band. Dont worry peeps. If it happen that I'm still becoming the director for the next coming merchandise selling again, I'll get more Final Fantasy posters and Naruto wristband XD

And on the 11th September, we have anime marathon for Detective Conan (8th movie), Inuyasha (4th movie), AIR movie and Tokyo Godfather. I didnt go to screening for any of the movie. Feel so lazy XD

PS:I have one Final Fantasy poster myself :P

[will edit this blog entry once i got my Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children copy]

mwhahaha screen shots from Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

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Friday, September 02, 2005

typical singaporean

i got this link from #emina at rizon. this blog is about a singaporean girl who complained about how she got cheated when she was on holiday in KL. This spoilt brat keep on saying the magical "fuck" word throughout her post. I understand that she's angry after what happaned to her; got cheated while taking the cab, got molested by Petaling Street, gotta queue when in the ladies etc
But then, her post was somehow gone over board. Of course, we, malaysian are pissed off when someone mocking our country. It's true that KL is not really a nice place but at least she should have some sense of sensivity. She laughed at those Arabic ladies who wear scarf to cover their face. I wonder if this girl even study moral & ethic back in her high school time? She dont repect other races at all. She's a real time loser. And yea, im glad that she got molested. At least, she got some lesson for her stuck up attitude.
And of course, other Singaporean came to the rescue boosting how good Singapore education is and the best in the world. Puh lease.. i wonder if they ever heard of Havard, Oxford and Yale? And they said they dont give a damn about Malaysia supply clean water for them as they can get it themselves. Not only being arrogant, they're totally ungrateful. Also saying that they're save from tsunami. Whatever. I read somewhere that scientist prediting that Singapore will sink into the sea like Atlantis one day. Dont know if it's true. Just wait & see.
And this girl's blog was said to be a popular blog in Singapore and won some award from Hong Kong. I'm not sure if her post really reflects that she deserve to win any award.
Her beauty doesnt match with her stuck up, arrogant, bitchy, ungrateful, impatience, rude & the list goes on attitude. And yea, she look so "plastic" and unreal. It's as if she's the next barbie doll with "mata juling"
Hell yea, im trashing her out with all my might although my English is pretty sucky. Sue me if you want. Mwhahahaha as if i care. You're lame xiuxue!
FOR CHRISTS SAKE GET A SENSE OF HUMOUR. GOOD FUCKING LORD. I can't stand you serious people. Go away and don't read my blog, ever again. FUCK OFF.

URGH I AM SO IRRITATED MY GAWD WHY ARE SOME PEOPLE SO INDIGNANT, STUPID, AND UPTIGHT? Did your assholes get piles lately, causing you to be anal retentive? Go get yourself an enema and stop sprouting rubbish here, thanks. I'm gonna delete inate comments from now on. BAH! Pissing the hell out of me.

I LAUGH AT ARAB WOMEN. Cannot meh? They do look funny what. If I look funny to you you can laugh at me too, I don't give a shit. And besides, they ain't reading this, so who cares.
Look at the way she replied to people who criticize her. Tsk Tsk (-___-)"
wonder how her parents raise her up? and i pity them at the same time for having such famous media celebrity as their daughter but yet with ZERO attitude.
Maybe "something" happened in the past that makes her attitude changed drastically & became so "childish" and "bitchy"....



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