Monday, October 17, 2005

im bored!!!

ARGHHHHHH!!!! I'm bored!!!!!! This is the lamest holiday I've ever been through. Vacation to NO where. All i do is stay at home and EAT. Of course i had nice dishes like i planned to have before i got back to my hometown. And i got myself into a fight with my mum. It's been TWO days i didnt talk to her. I cried alot when i got into that fight with her. I cried really loud and my heart hurts. The darling called and i couldnt stop crying when i was on the phone with him. He comforted me and in the end i stop crying and feel alot better too. I'm glad that i have him. Someone for me to cry on when i sad and unhappy. Thankssssssssssssss darlinggggggggggg
My step sister is staying with me now. She got a job as a cashier in Fajar. I went to the Fajar's office with my mum to help her to get the job. Luckily she got it. She said she dont want to stay at her own house with my other step sister and brother coz they fight alot. She quitted her job in my step dad's hardware shop as well. She's still young and just finished her form 5 last year. She have no interest to continue studying. I talked to her many times if she want to continue studying but she said no. She rejected offer letter to study in Politeknik ^^;
That's all for now.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

food madness

Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ I cant wait to get back to my hometown (But I will still missing you hunny)
I cant wait to eat my mum's cooking. It's been ages since the last time I went back and ate her yummy dishes ^^;

1) Mango salad (Yam Ma Muang) - I like it alot because it's taste spicy and sour at the same time
2) Black Pepper Crab - I like black pepper alot ^^;
3) Thai Papaya salad (Som Tam) - I like this one too. It's nice to have as dishes. The way to prepare it is almost the same with Mango salad, it just that it uses papaya and some other extras ingredient like tomatoes, fish sauce etc
4) Sambal Udang - One of my favourite dishes too XD
5) Tom Yam Kung - Nyaaaaaaa~~ this is my MOST favourite dishes. Whoever know a good place to eat tom yam, please let me know okay? XD
6) Khao Yam/ Nasi kerabu - My mum always prepare this. It's nice!! It's easy to make too. I know how to prepare it but I'm just too lazy :P

These are some examples of her cookings that have been my favourite one XD
She can cook most of them except Black Pepper Crab and Thai Papaya Salad (Som Tam) ^^;
But I can get those from my auntie!
AUNTIE~~ I'm coming~~~

*Conclusion: I want to go back home ASAP and EATTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Also, i love spicy food.



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