Wednesday, March 16, 2005


hmmm. nothing much happened today except that i went to Diploma's student Malaysian Studies Cultural Night in the main hall. I went there with my housemates. One of them performed in the event for choir. The first show was Indian dance by 5 girls (4 indians and 1 chinese) It was nice until one of them screwed up. =.= The second show was performed by my housemate and her team. They sang 3 songs including Standing In the Eyes of The World, Picture Of You and *i dont know* then followed by sketches. The first one was about Puteri Hang Lipur (a princess from China) who got married to a Malaccan King. Then followed by another sketch about malay's cultural;'khatan'. I dont know how to explain in English =.= But it's about a custome where malay boys will have their private part cut. The sketch explained what happen during the event and I was laughing out loud when they presented when the cutting part took place. They covered with a huge white cloth and torch from behind so that we could only see the shadows. The next show was nasyid which was kindda boring but they sang very well. After that there was a sketch Malacca: dont really understand the story as they didnt speak proper language but at last i know why they did that. It was because it was an act at a shooting scene. Their so-called director scolded them coz they didnt speak proper language :D Next was a sketch tittled 'Revenge of the Pontianak' (Pontionak is malay version of female ghost with long hair) The story line was nice but the part when the pontianak kill people was wayyyyy tooooooo short. The other sketch was also bout pontianak. That was my most favourite sketch that night. The pontianak looked so real. The actress acted so well. There's a girl who acted like a mad girl.. and she looked exactly like one. I mean.. her acting WAS SO FREAKING real!
The last show was the Chinese drum show and the group members performed well.



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