Monday, February 28, 2005

EMiNA 3rd bday

last week was EMiNA's 3rd birthday celebration. EMiNA is an anime japanese club founded in my university.I was one of the community member for the event as the head for booth division. We sell posters(i bought 4 posters including chibi version of characters from naruto anime) , keychains (bought 3 - one for my darling; gundam keychain & the other 2 (kakashi & haku) for myself, figurine (5 chibi version of gundam figurine & 1 from *i dont know*) kyaaaaaaaaa~~~ i love my lovely dovey anime merchandise sooooooooo much!!! muackzzzz~~

I've been so tired the whole week because of this event. My whole body was aching. I wish my hun was here to massage me :P

Well, we had an opening ceremony; just a small one but nice. Nothing much happened except our Mr Director, Khurshid got knocked on his by the partition board & BLEED!! Waaaaa... poor guy
I was shocked when he show me his hand with blood stain *almost faint*
Then he went to the clinic to have treatment. I was worried about him ; scared if he faint on the way to the clinic or something like that *_*
Oh yeah, I cosplayed as Squall from FF on the 3rd day & i wore traxx's costume >.< Runouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal then followed by Inuyasha: Castle Through the Looking Glass. Got free pocket calender.

Second night of screening
School rumble!!! Damn funny. I was laughing the hell out of me. But the series wasn't screened until the end of the episode coz we didnt have enough time for all of the episodes. DAMMIT!!

Third/Last night of screening.
APPLESEED a.k.a. Bijik Epal the promo vid was so freaking cool!! The main character Deunan is awesome. I'm so going to cosplay as her for Cyber Anime Week 05. Need to go for some shopping to get the costume done ^^
Need to get a sleeves green shirt, green army pants, a pair of army boots , hair spray for blonde color, headband, toy gun sprayed with silver color etc

Kyaaaaaaa~~~ cant wait for the event ^^

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

hot!! HOT!!

OMG!! It' so freaking hot lately in Malacca. What the hell is going on? The weather changed all of sudden. I've never been this hot before. My $$ fly off just like that coz i bought too much cold drinks lately. I really dont like the weather at all. It feels very hot whenever i go to campus; feel like my skin is burning, but once i got myself in the class, i feel cold because of the air-cond. I can get sick if it keep going on like this *_*
WAAAAA~~ i want to go home >.<

PS: Mummy I miss you...



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