Saturday, June 30, 2007

Transformers is ZOMGWTFBBQ freaking cool

I just have to put a picture here..

The title says it all. The movie was awesome, far better than Fantastic 4 : Rising of the Silver Surfer. The movie have freaking good action pack. Something of you never thought of happening. The robots have new modern look as well. Those metallic body of them made me feel like want to molest :P Bumblebee is CUTE! There were quiet a few of humorous scene like when the Autobots were gathering at Sam's house to get the glasses which actually has a map printed on it of the location for "AllSpark". Bumblebee has to crawl & hide himself/itself under Sam's house porch while Optimus Prime "stick" himself on the house's wall like a ninja :P
There's one scene where Bumblebee purposely "pee oil" on the Sector 7 Commander after they captured Sam, his parents & Mikaela and on the way their research area. Mojo, Sam's dog pee on Ironhide too earlier when they where at Sam's house.
The human reaction was pretty real despite all those robots are just CG. By the way.. these robots have freaking EYE LASHES. Metal type of eye lashes.. longer than mine, the human eye lashes.. D:

Well the movie could be perfect if there were more transformation sound effect or was there any at the first place? There should be more of the Decepticons scene as well. I want to know how the Decepticons other than Megatron arrived on Earth. I want to see moreeeeeeee Decepticons death scene >:)

Oh.. how come Optimus Prime was weak in the movie? He/It suppose to be strong. He got beaten by Megatron twice. Where is the glory of the all-mighty-Autobots-commander Optimus Prime? Too bad there wasn't any female Autobots like Elite One since I thought she's romantically linked to Optimus Prime? She's in pink color by the way :D

I wanna watch again..



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Thursday, June 28, 2007

bad combination

maggi pedas + ferrero rocher + Lipton Ice Tea Green + guava + ayamas chicken + char koew teow = cirit birit aka diarrhea (-___-)"



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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Things that I want

1. my Darling
3. Asus PW201 20" LCD monitor (you can actually plug in your PS2 & play on it)
4. 1GB RAM
5. gaming keyboard
6. a PS3 (I want to play Ninja Gaiden, FF13, Folklore , the list goes on & on~~)
7. new DVD burner (I think mine is spoiled..)
8. make cosplay costume
9. 1 month holiday in Japan
10. new jeans


ZOMFGWTFBBQ I totally forgot that I want a DSLR camera!! I want at least a Nikon D40x for myself. Is there anyone who is willing to give it to me as a present? :D



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I got tagged... again

I got tagged again.. this time by Fiona

5 Things found in my handbag:
(I don't have any handbag unless you don't mind me referring to my bag that I use to class)
*pencil box
*lip balm
*small mirror
* purse

5 Things found in my purse:
*cards (blood type card, business card etc)
*important receipts
* 1 cent & 5 cent coins (A LOT of them)
* my mum & I old pic
* my old taekdwon-do "Perak" cloth sticker

5 favourite things in my room:
(hostel room :P)
*my PC of course D:
*prom dresses
*game controller

(at home)
*my BED
*anime collections
* photo albums

5 Things I've always wanted to do:
*go to South Africa, Japan
*play PS3
*sleep on the grass under the sky full with stars at the beach
*open my very own "maido" cafe :P
*beat up a b!tch

5 Things I'm currently into:
*my "bear" :P
*UVERworld & SNoW
*anime & J-drama

5 people to tag:
1. Vox
2. Adib
3. Hsia Liang
4. aizat1900
5. kawaiiplue


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Monday, June 18, 2007

new sem..

I had SOME fun during the break. Not much.. just some.. I played PS2 almost during the entire semester break. Played Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Fantasy 12 (up to gotten the Dawn Shard & I can say that my characters' level are quite OK), Onimusha 4 and .Hack//G.U.

As for FF12, Vaan is level 33, Basch is level 30 while Fran, Penelo, Ashe are level 28 & Baltier is level 27. I gotta level up Baltier when I have the chance to play FF12 again before continue the quest passing Giza Plains during the rain where there are tons of high level hyena, froggie & element (with freaking high HP & I died once there bcoz of the 45k HP element D:) We're suppose to go to Garif Village but we have to pass through Giza Plains first.

I did some side quest, hunt & secret Espers mission too. Then I got bored, so I play KH2 instead. I just finished the mission in Disney Castle. The 3 heroes; Sora, Donald & Goofy gotta go through a door to the past to find another door in there that being used by Maleficient & Pete to conquer the future Disney Castle.

As for .hack//G.U. I played only for a few hours without saving the game coz don't have enough space in the memory stick. It's kind of fun I must say. Other than that, I watched my step brother played Devil May Cry 3 & he finished it already. He came to my house for a few days after he involved in an accident & had his left arm broken but still he can play PS2 :P

I'll update more after this.. Gotta buy dinner... meeting later..



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