Saturday, May 07, 2005


Nothing happened much ever since I got back from Melaka. Just stay at home.. sleep and watch TV the whole day.Took my MUET the other day. Had bad experience. Actually i suppose to do my MUET in Melaka but seeing that it's semester break now and my mum want to save money for highway fees and hotel's rental, she decided to change the venue for the exam from Melaka to Taiping.On the 30th April, went to SMK Hua Lian to take the test. Bad things happened. They DIDNT have a place for me to take the MUET!! It's show how unprofessional government workers are. Bad time management, lack of communication etc. Then I went to Cameron Highland on the 1st May with my step siblings. Rented an apartment at Heritage Hotel. The house was damn beautiful and the price was 'beautiful' too *.* (RM450 per nite-faint)

Then went back to my mum's hometown in Baling. Met with my fellow friends. Nothing much happened here. Keep on missing darling marling soooooo much. And it's our anniversary this month. It's been a year we've been together.

PS: Sorry for the slow update. lazy wanna go to cyber cafe :P

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