Saturday, July 28, 2007

lamb chop

I'm craving for lamb chop now; the one from Delipheldia at HB3 cafe. I just love to dip the meat & french fries into the spicy black pepper sauce. They give coleslaw & mash potato too but I'm not into their mash potato as it taste a bit weird to me. I put extra black pepper sauce into the coleslaw cup. It taste REALLY nice :D

I wanted to buy to buy lamb chop right after EMiNA meeting last Wednesday but they ran out of the meat stock. I went again today(Saturday) hoping to eat my favorite lamb chop but to my horror they didn't have it yet..




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Saturday, July 14, 2007

a lil conversation

I had a YM conversation with Adib just now. He told me to tell Khurshid that he won't be coming for Bon Odori. Reason? He got something to do in Melaka ASAP. Why I'm suppose to tell Khurshid but not himself? Adib said Khurshid will call & bug him telling him to come for Bon Odori whenever her sms him. So, now I became the "middle person"

Adib told me to have fun later during Bon Odori & I told him to have fun too. Here's the exact conversation we had just now :D

adib: have fun tomorrow
adib: :D
Nikki: u too
adib: ...
adib: :((
Nikki: :D
adib: ....i wish i can destroy the stadium tomorrow
adib: ...
Nikki: awww
Nikki: u'll kill all the lolis
adib: im not pedo ok?
adib: ...
adib: yuhi is
adib: well
adib: u already know that
adib: :D
Nikki: :P
Nikki: i know
Nikki: you'll kill all the PSPs, NDS
Nikki: u'll kill all the food
adib: i have psp
adib: i dont have ds, but i can still play yuhi punya
adib: food? i rela makan nasi lemak
adib: :P
Nikki: :P
Nikki: you'll kill all the cute girls
Nikki: japanese girls
adib: ....
Nikki: in yukata
adib: who cares
Nikki: malay girls in yukata
Nikki: chinese girls in yukata
adib: i bukan ada pun kat sana
adib: ...
adib: demmit
Nikki: you'll kill ur buddy, yuhi along with his NDS
Nikki: so u cant play NDS anymore
adib: ...
adib: well
Nikki: edo & kiwi will be gone~
adib: kalau stadium tu hancur sebelum opening, takpe kot
adib: hahaha
Nikki: so does loo mun & her gang
Nikki: :P
Nikki: then tokyo will bom kuala lumpur
adib: kekeke
adib: biarkan
Nikki: revenge for their death ambassador
adib: nanti malaysia terpaksa buat battle royale
Nikki: no more anime
Nikki: no more hentai
Nikki: no ps3 in the market
adib: universuty student ver.
Nikki: no sony or samsung
adib: university*
adib: haha
adib: ol
adib: lol
Nikki: :D
adib: haha'
Nikki: so sushi
Nikki: *no
adib: ...
Nikki: no dorayaki or teppayaki
adib: ....
Nikki: no bento set
Nikki: no gundam figurines
Nikki: no manga
Nikki: : :P
adib: good luck, have fun

Tehehehe~ XD



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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Club Registration Week 07/08

It was held from the 3rd July till 5th July 2007 in Grand Hall. I didn't take care of EMiNA booth much as I was busy handling the performance by some clubs & societies. I was in the Ad hoc committee which I volunteered to be in myself. Just pass by EMiNA booth, trying to persuade some people to join the club every now & then. Some international students mistook EMiNA as a animation club; as in a club where you can learn to do animation, 3D stuff D:

I told them that we don't have such thing unless we have some animation-pro members in the club itself. I myself want to learn as well on animation. Who doesn't? Some thought that EMiNA members just watch anime. Well, it is true; ages ago BUT now we're covering anime , games (PS2, PS3, Wii etc), manga & cosplay. Who knows one of the member or committee have new idea to be slot into the club's activities.

I get to know some people especially the SRC members. All I can say that they're a bunch of serious people who can do work every now & then. I wouldn't want to be in there for sure T-T
I prefer to stay in club like EMiNA :D I somehow joined UPG... Joined FOMS & ITS too.

A member registering & that's my LCD :D

EMiNA Cyber's booth

A bunch of curious guys

Capoeira demo by HYPE Club

View at Grand Hall

There are more photos but I'm too lazy to upload them :/

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Monday, July 09, 2007

damn Xenmas

I assumed that I almost finished playing Kingdom Hearts 2 since I had to battle Xenmas, the head of Organization XIII. I don't know how many times i had to battle him (in various form) up to the part where he wore black & white trench coat alike & it was freaking hard I tell you D: I stopped playing right there because I need to get back to Cyber (so sad..)

I was only level 51 & haven't finished some quest in certain area. Heck I didn't know that I'm going to have to battle the final boss when I stupidly entered the door to darkness heading to the "World Was Never Was" ; the HQ of Organization XII (O13) D:

Aisey man.. I really don't want to start again from where I stepped into the O13 HQ. It was quite a long journey. I had a tough fight with Xaldin, Xigbar, Saix, Demyx, Luxord (I think there's more..)I haven't finished Sebastian's quest yet. Now that I have my PS2 in my hostel room (that's right!!), all i need now is a converter so that I can play the games with my LCD monitor XD



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