Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year 2006

Wishing all of you Happy New Year / Sawasdee Pi Mai
Hope you'll have a very wonderful year and may your dreams come true :)

This is a lyric one of my most favourite song

Glenn - Januari

Berat bebanku
Separuh nafas jiwaku

Bukan salahmu
Apa dayaku
Mungkin benar cinta sejati
Tak berpihak
Pada kita

Sampai disini kisah kita
Jangan tangisi keadaannya
Bukan karena kita berbeda

Dengarkan lagu.....lagu ini
Melodi rintihan hati ini
Kisah kita berakhir di Januari
Selamat tinggal kisah sejatiku

*sad song*

P/S: Im hoping to get a digi cam, PSP, external HDD & iPod nano in year 2006 :P



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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

rubbish whores

Gah!! I hate my housemates even more now!! I just got back from my hometown this morning to find that they threw rubbish into my dustbin and it smell horrible. I almost threw up on the spot. There were a few polisteren rice pack inside the dustbin including the soup....
The soup dripped and flooded the dustbin base and the smell spreaded all over the house. Oh fucking shit I really hate these dirty whores. Feel like want to bash their fugly fat faces with the polisteren. Not to mention, there was a baby house lizard 'swimming' around in the smelly dripped soup on the dustbin base. I put those bloody polisteren with the soup inside a plastic bag and dragged my dustbin into the bathroom and washed it with water & soap.
Bloody hell. They take things for granted. I pasted a notice saying:

"Dear rubbish whores. Please throw your own blardy rubbish. I'm not your private maid to throw the fucking smelly rubbish for you!!"

I was so pissed off until now. Stupid whores. KNNCCB!! Gahhh!!! I JUST HATE THEM!!!
And.. my plate was on the floor near the bathroom too...
Feel like want to scream on top my lung right in front of their fugly faces

P/S: Reached EP at 6.30am just to see this horrible things going on in the house when I was away only for 4 days. Blardy hell...
TQ Adrian for waking me up when the bus reached Kota Mas m(___)m

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Comic Fiesta Trip ^^

I went to CF on the 17th December in Subnag Jaya. Went there with a few EMiNA members including like Khurshid, Nazrin, Adib, Li sa, Kristine, Shu Yin, Lynn, Lisa, Edo and more ^^
Hsia Liang came after his exam around 4pm something.
Cf was not bad at all except the sound system is a lil bit.... *ehem*

There were lotsa cosplayers on the first day but there were MORE on the next day. Too bad I cant go. Felt tired when I got home and woke up at 3pm the next day (-___-)"

Top: Lynn, Edo (got killed by Khurshid), Khurshid, Ian
Bottom: Lisa, Nikki (me :P), Kristine

I bought some stuff from CF like Giroro's hat. Got it from bidding at RM33. Khurshid paid RM2 for that hat. Edo & Nazrin wanted that hat so much Edo even asked if I'm willing to trade that hat with his PC. He must be desperade XD Then I bought 2 t-shirts. I love their design and i asked if it is possible for them to come to MMU next for GACC and open their booth their. They said OK as long as I contact them. Then I bought 3 Renji's bookmarks. One for me, one for Fiona & one suppose to be for Ai Ling. I also bought Kon's keychain for Ai Ling; exactly like mine. Will pass to her once I see her in campus ^^;

I also bought a blue Totoro's tissue case. It look so adorable and fluffy. It's huggable too.
After finished my mini 'shopping' at CF, I went around asking those dounjin sellers' contacts numbers. I went there not only for having fun but for work too. Need to get as many doujin sellers as possible for EMiNA's GACC event next year which is probably going to be on 18th March 2006.

We gathered at 5pm and moved to Sunway Pyramid.

Me... cekik'ing' khurshid

Had our breakfast+lunch+dinner at a Japanese restaurant; Ichiban Ramen (Yea, we didnt eat the whole day) I had Japanese curry rice but I couldnt finish it coz I wasnt in the right mood to eat. Ever since I got back to Malacca for 2nd semester, I lost my appetite until now. Maybe I'm sick of food around MMU. Oh yea, Khurshid paid for my food. TQ kiwi boy ^^

Having our breakfast+lunch+dinner at Ichiban Ramen, Sunway Pyramid

After that we went for ice skating. Edo don't want to skate. I have no idea why he dont want to. His gf, Lisa skated with me. She helped me alot since that was my first time skating and I dont want to fall flat on the cold skating ring and wet my pants. Khurshid, Hsia Liang and Ian(hope got the right name) skated too. It was the first time Khurshid skated but he managed to skate well unlike me. But still, he fell in the end MWHAHAHAHAHAHA XD

After that we got separated and I went for shopping with Ian. I dont really know why he followed me instead of the rest but he said he dont want to disturb Edo and his gf, Lisa. Hsia Liang went off to PC shop to buy external HDD. Khurshid and Nazrin went for a prayer if I'm not mistaken. I bought a new pink Cheetah t-shirt in Parkson Grand. It look so cute and pinkish XD I sopped at a bread shop and buy some buns. When I was the counter paying my money for those buns, the shop owner said she like my Giroro hat because it's cute and unique. I was blushing at that time :P Then we rushed to the gather point. On the way there, Khurshid said he's still hungry (-__-)"

We stopped at Starbucks and I bought him a muffin. Meh, I was hoping that he wont feel hungry anymore. We waited for a few minutes outside Sunway Pyramid for the MMU BUS (Forget to tell that we went there with MMU bus) We took a few photos with Sunway Pyramid as the background.

Girls rulez!!

sort of group photo where someone got murdered by 2 girls

In the bus, we saw something....




then we turn to the front and saw....

Corporal KON Giroro!!!

......hijaking the bus!!!!


Ok i cut the crap out >.>

We reached MMU around 11 something at night. Then a few of us went to Time Millenium for yam cha. Khurshid as usual still feel hungry. Same goes with the other guys. Guys do eat alot huh? (-___-)" On the way there, we were having sort of running competition coz someone shouted whoever is the last one reach Time Millenium have to "belanja" everyone. So.... EVERYONE really did run with all their might!!

8th Wonder of the World: A bunch of people who eat alot

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mua's birthday

I'm freaking 19 years old now >.<>
I've got such surprising birthday present from my friends; a DVD burner. I would like to say thank you to Li sa, Kristine, Loo Mun, Khurshid aka kiwi boy, Yuhi aka Nazrin, Hsia Liang aka Gen, Radikah, Adib aka dip dip, Yi Yang, Fiona aka feenux, Alex, Kay Lyn, Shu Yin, Thye Shin aka Shin Onee-chan, Edo, Lynn, Shin Dee, Kia Ping, Adrian & Jessintha.

I also wanna thank those who sms-ed me on my birthday especially lisa (again XD), Rachel (one of my best friend back in high school), Anis (my best friend in school too), Anson (Fiona's boyfriend), Komala (my ex-housemate), Shuba (my ex-housemate), Datcanee (my best friend in Baling) & Parichat (my cousin & a best friend of mine in Baling) . Sorry that I couldnt reply your messages. My phone was "dead" :|

Not only my phone went "dead", my PC went "poof" too during night time. WTF??? I ended up at Komala's room watching movie due to my "poof-ed" PC. Bleh.. I was cut off from the world of technologies for at least 24+ hours and it felt like shit >.<

Although it was quite a happy day for me, but still i feel kindda sad. My mum called me but she remember nothing about my birthday. I was hoping she will at least wish me happy birthday although without sending any presnt but I got nothing at all. I think I'll get used to it soon. She's getting older each day and i don't expect her to remember my birthday anymore...

I don't know if I should feel happy because Matthew sang to me through the phone and I got such a wonderful present from my close friends and the fact that my mum forgot about my birthday... Not to forget.. my phone was "dead" even until now and my PC went "poof-ed" while I was playing AOE III >.<>

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Olympus SP-500 Ultra Zoom

I went to Mahkota Parade with mice to survey price for digi cam and we ended up at a store near Kamdar. Mice was asking about his dream camera Nikon D70
Then I came across with a black shiny camera on the shelf....

ZOMFG!!! I found my dream camera!!!

Olympus SP-500 Ultra Zoom

Heh.. now I want to have this digi camera for my own.. VERY MUCH!! Im going crazy thinking about photos that I can take with it e.g sunset at the beach, clouds
It's RM1599 including 256MB memory card. Too bad that I dont have that much money right now else I would have bought it on the spot >.<
Here's more description about Olympus SP-500 UZ

I think it's a suitable medium camera for a non-professional photographer like me. At least I can whack someone's head if they attack me @.@

P/S: It reminds me of SPB's camera...



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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Health Talk - Why Elton John has HIV/AIDS (WTF??)

HS:- Health Talk - Why Elton John has HIV/AIDS?

Dear Students and lecturer,

Our health is the most expensive thing that God give us. So we have to take care about it very well.

HIV, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol and our weight, its things that always affect our health and maybe kill it if we didn't take care about it.

How we can save our health from it??

For this reason History Society is organizing a Healthy Talk, the deatels of the talk as below:

Date: 1st December, Thursday
Time: 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm
Venue: CLC0001 (A1)
Fees: FREE
The topics that will be in this talk:

· Smoking and Drugs
· Alcohol
· How to manage your weight

The objective of this talk to let students and lecturer know more about how to take care about there health.

SAPS point provided.

Come and join us… even if you don't smoke or drink, but maybe you have friend do it so you can save his life.

Thank you very much ….

History Society
Multimedia University
Melaka Campus
Leads you to Better Future

When I saw this message in the bulletin, the first question that came through my mind was "Holy shit!! Elton John has AIDS??? Since when?"
The topic itself is already very controversial. What will happen if Elton John's fan(s) stumble upon the bulletin message? Things will get really ugly.
MMU will get lawsuit from Sir Elton John (?) and History Club might be banned. That's the worse case scenario....

Not to mention their broken English... I'm not saying that my English is good but to post up such "ugly" language and trying to grab people's attention with the topic hoping that they'll come for the talk, it just WON'T work. And these people are not being sensitive at all.
They "claimed" Sir Elton John has AIDS. It's already bad enough. Not to forget their broken English and their failure to mention who is going to be the speaker for that talk other than Prof. Ghauth Jasmon.

Elton John is such a great guy. He did so many things such as established Elton John AIDS Foundation in year 1992 who he serves as its Chairman funding prevention education programs and direct patient care services worldwide.

The funniest part is that, H-s (History society) claimed that Prof. Ghauth Jasmon himself suggested that tittle for the talk. Come on.... He might suggested but it's not necessary to follow what he'd suggested? ZOMFG. Let's say Prof. suggests that H-s should have a cultural dance and put "NEKO GIRLS STRIP DANCE COMPETITION" as the tittle in MMU, I bet they're really going to do it (-____-)"
They're no longer 12 years old kids. They should have known that the topic itself will create a problematic situation soon.

SRC is to blame too for not editing the message before posting it up in the bulletin board. It's either they take their duty as student representative council lightly or they're just being too lazy and hiding themselves in Sri Perdana, claiming there are many works to be done. Gah!! I feel like slamming those SRC excos on the Great Wall of China. I don't even know why i voted for them. I feel lame.


P/S : I'm not sure if I should do this blog entry ^^;



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