Friday, March 31, 2006

one day to go....

One day left before Trinite and I still have no idea how to do my hair. I dont want to go to the saloon because the price is really killing me (unless someone willing to sponsor me :D ) I decided to style my own hair but I just dont know how to do it. Should I leave my hair as the way it is or maybe straighten it up or curl it a lil? I have straightener and hair dryer tho...


oHHH.. I dont know how to make up too....
I brought my Seventeen magazines from my hometown to look for make up and hair tips. There are plenty of them but I just have no idea how to start doing it. Gahhhh!!
I have problem with almost every part of my face except my lips. I wonder what color for eye shadow should I use? Blue? Pink? Green? Brown? Purple? or Black? O.o
Btw how to use eye shadow....? (-___-)"
I just want to put light make up on my face so that my face will look fresh and glowing(?)

*Bangs her head on the wall

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

i wonder...

I wonder, what is the benefit to shoot people in the public? Feel more superior? Or feel like having "flawless" victory?
Does shooting people will change the past?
How does someone who did a very little job have the right to condem those who worked really hard but did it in the wrong way?

I wonder.....

Let's make it this way. Things are what they are now for what had happened in the past. If you take one person out, things just wont be the same anymore. It's either going to be better or worse. Example on what I'm trying to say. You came to MMU to further your study. If you didnt come here from the very beginning, will you get to know your current friends that you met in MMU and be what and who you really are at this very moment?

I wonder if you guarantee that things will be better if some particular person didnt get involve?
It already happened. So, let it be. No point pointing fingers and put the blame on other people.

P/S: I saw the evolution. The evolution of homo sapiens down-graded to homo erectus. It was "amazing". I bet Darwin will be really surprise too if he get to see the evolution himself ;)

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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Finally GACC is over!! Believe it or not I didnt sleep the night before the event. I was busy painting anime mascots for the backdrop and kon was definitely one of them :D

I was seriously oo busy on that day that I didnt take much photos either. Sigh...
I'm glad that it's over now but I'm pretty much happy and glad that visitors love our event. I cant believe with my own eyes to see that there were thousand of people came for GACC.
Full report after I got back from my hometown ^^;;

*rushes to pack her stuff
Here are some photos:

*run away with the speed of light to avoid being thrown at with rotten tomatoes, eggs and bricks

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Monday, March 13, 2006

petrol oh petrol | diesel oh diesel

A few hours after I've done distributing fliers in BBI (tersesat into Tmn Melawis as well :|), I went to MP. Bloody hell!! The bus fare increased by 20 cents >.<

All bcoz of the petrol and diesel price increased which was started on the 28th February. The fare for buses without air-cond from EP/MMU to Melaka Sentral is now RM1.50 (used to be RM1.30) and from Melaka Sentral to Mahkota Parade is now RM1.00 (used to be RM0.80). The bus fare for domestic buses have increased, how about the external buses from one state to another state? How much it's going to be now from Melaka to my hometown, Taiping? The ticket price was RM33 when i took the bus last month. I hate it so when when price for petrol and diesel increase. Although the government said the prices for other stuff such as food and bus fare WOULD NOT increase, but they ARE already increased. They said they can no longer subsidize too much for the petrol and diesel coz they're not to able to do handle the cost and other stuff.

But seriously, this sucks. It sucks when government's decision somewhat in the way make the prices for essential things such as food increased. Students like me can hardly enjoy nice food anymore which is quite expensive. Let's say one day you spend RM10 ONLY for food. For one whole month, you need to spend RM300 (RM310 for 31 days) Do you think you can buy breakfast, lunch and dinner with RM10? How those who eat alot? They need supper you know? Melaka is not like Taiping where you can ge RM1.00 fried noodles and koew teow from the pasar malam. In here, those food cost around RM3.00. We need to eat fruits too to stay healthy. 3 fragrance pear for RM 2.80. Sigh. Even the food is getting much more expensive. We still need to buy printing papers, cartridge, photocopy charges, text books, stationaries and sometimes we need to fix our PC as well (to get a new power supply, you need to pay at least RM50). Students can never forever stay in their hostel rooms. They need to go out to fresh up their mind. Thus, you need transposrt for that. Car rental is RM5 per hour. You need to feel the fuel yourself too with your own money. People like me who dont have any driving lisence can only take bus to places where we want to go. But the bus does not go everywhere. it only go to places where there are lotsa people. Forget about the taxi. It's freaking expensive here.

From MMU to Kota Mas/Jaya Jusco (only for a few kilometres) is already RM8 vice versa. From MMU to Mahkota Parade is RM17 vice versa and from MMU to Melaka Sentral is RM12 and it is FREAKING RM17 from Melaka Sentral to MMU. Those prices are BEFORE our "beloved" government increase the price for petrol and diesel. Taxi drivers will no longer have passangers coz they're not willing to pay that much. Not everyone is owns RM5k per month and send RM1k to their kids as pocket money per month. I only get around RM500 per month which is NOT enough to cover my expenses while I'm studying in Melaka. Imagine if I've shifted to Cyberjaya, it will be even worse >.<

Next time if the government want to increase prices for anything, think of the effects to people in this country. Not everyone owns a BMW or Mercedes and have personal driver in it. Not everyone can afford to buy branded thing. That's why you can see that privacy CAN NEVER end bcoz it's cheap. People prefer to buy cheap things coz the original one is bloody expensive. People download mp3 from the internet coz the original CDs are expensive as well, doesnt matter if it's an imported one or not. The more you increase the price for anything including the highway toll, which going to affect the food business, the more people you'll see ended in TV3 Bersamamu show. I'm serious.

Unless companies RAISE up their workers' salaries ;)
And not everyone work in companies in towns or cities. Some own business and they might be most probably wont survive if prices for things keep on increasing. Some plants vegies and rubber tape just to find money. Some rubber tapist can get RM2k PER WEEK coz rubber prices increase which is good for them.

Things are not balance anymore. This is just sucks

*Took a bus from Mlk Sentral to MMU. Passed by Bt. Berendam. The bus driver got angry coz there was a pasar malam and it cause heavy traffic jam. He keep on cursing with all his might
"Bangang betoi buat pasar malam kat sini. Aku tibai dengan kayu karang"
"Pukai mak cibai, apasal kerete bodoh tu tak jalan" and he kept on honning to the cars in front us.
So MBMB, please find a more suitable place for BT. Berendam pasar mlm. It seriously sucks alot. Traffic jam happens because stupid people with stupid attitude and stupid mind can stupidly park or stop on the road side next to stupid stalls to wait for their stupid wives and family members go for some stupid mini shopping. They are so stupid that they never care less about other road users. Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid!!!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

you love me... not

Life is tough. It's even tougher when someone who you love do something which break your heart. They might not realise what they have done or maybe they do know. They want you to change into someone who is not the real you anymore, the one who they first time met. They want you to be perfect so that they can be happy and be at ease. They accuse you for not loving them with all of your heart when you did so much things to make them happy but in the end, you suffer and they wont understand your pain at all. When they're happy, they're sweet to you but not when they're angry, they'll say things that they never should say which will totally break your heart into pieces. When you got sad and want to know the reason, they give excuses saying that they were angry and that was why they say things they shouldnt say. They'll say that we should understand how they feel. But do they even try to understand yours? No. Not at all. They dont understand but yet they pretend that they do.

Sometimes, they are selfish and demanding. When it's your turn to be one, they'll say that you are not suppose to do that because they said it makes them feel sad and that you think about your ownselves only and not them. They always want to have all the pleasure and give some tiny bit to you only. When you want more, they ignore you and keep on carrying only their own pleasure. Some stuff are meant to be secreats. but still they want to know everything. They demand to know the secreats and when you refused, they "black mail you". Leaving you alone with a broken heart and will be back only when you go after them and unwillingly tell them things which are meant to be as secreats. They know everything about you by then but they cannot do anything with what they have gotten. They'll break your heart even more. Human need secreats to secure their lives. They need secreats where they might be their happy or sad past time which they want to keep for themselves only. Secreats which can also be memories. It can be the dark secreats but still human need something to keep for themselves and that is secreats.

Sometimes they treat you badly. They claimed they know an understand how we feel and even made a promise to protect you from being heart broken. But they already broke your heart many times and you keep on forgiving them because you love them so much. But do they love you as much as you do to them? With all those unfair treatments, do they really love you as what their mouth have spoken? I have doubt



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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I want you to see something....

For those who are eating or drinking right now, I suggest that you DO NOT click and look at the picture which you're about to see...

Click here

Shock? Feel disgust? That's what I felt the moment I say those picture. I bet that bitch is mentally ill for doing that.

Believe it or not...



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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Sky merajuk :
I said something I wasnt suppose to say and he's gone now..

Last Saturday, I went for a BBQ with EMiNA's member at Pantai Kundur. It was sooooooo great that when I got home, my whole body was aching and I ended up walking like an emporer penguin from North Pole (-__-)"
I got thrown into the salty sea water by Khurshid. Damn you... I shall have my revenge on you during GACC. You shall pay for it!! I'm going to throw you off from the stage. Nyahahahahaha

Seriously, I skipped my tutorial thinking that it's not worth it for me to walk down the stairs only for an hour class with my aching calves and I almost fell down the stairs a couple of times. I know you might think that I'm crazy or something to skip class just because my calves were in pain. Seriously, If you were me, you'll do the same. You can hardly walk down/up the stairs and you have to control you legs which will be somewhat out of "order" when you walk. You might ended up walking like someone who just had sex with her boyfriend or like a penguin *full with pride*

I was way too bored during the last semester break. I was watching some MTV on 8TV and I saw this characters reading thingy by sending just your birthdate. I did send... and here's the result

Career: FOOD, Restaurant, COSMETIC, Light, Magazine, Advertise, Public Relation, Designer, Writer, Nurse, Branding, Accessories, ManPower, Canteen, Fashion, Psychologist

Characteristics : Skillful and detailed in handling matters. Will never forget who help her/him. Full of passion and love. Argumentative. Loves for fame and fortune. Not firm person

Traits : Friend come and go. Believe your own way. Modern/stylish outlook. Pressure in planning. Friendly. PLAN USUALLY FAIL!!!!! (ZOMFG it's sooooo true!!!)

Sky: please come back. Im bored coz I have no one to argue with when you're gone. Dont merajuk too long lar. Onegai...

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