Thursday, April 27, 2006

My cosplay plan

I've decided to try cosplaying for real unlike when I cosplayed as "chibi" Squall during EMiNA booth promotion, random high school girl during a visit to Malacca High School and a random Shinigami during GACC. I'll start off with a simple-costume character.

My very first cosplay character will be May Lee from King of Fighters.
I asked BladeWing and he said it suits me well. May Lee's characters is like Kamen Raider; she wears a scarf and "hero belt", both trademark gear of Kamen Rider, and she tends to pose heroically in many of her moves. The most important part is that she uses taekwondo fighting skills in KOF and eventually develope some unique fighting skills

"Hero" May Lee

Currently I'm thinking about my second cosplay character after May Lee...
I have a few characters in my mind and all of them are games characters.

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Remember this time and date

01.02.03am 04/05/06

It's for fun XD



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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

MMCC 2006

I went to KL for Malaysia Manga Cosplay Competition (MMCC) in Sg. Wang last Sunday with Edo, Naz, Kiwi and Benee. We took the 10am bus to KL and reached there at 12pm. We bought our ticket back to Malacca first when we got to Pudu bus station coz we were afraid that the ticket might be sold out since many people going back on Sunday. I ws thinking about going back at 6pm but Naz wanted to go back abit late, so we bought the 8pm bus ticket.

Then we took taxi to Low Yat plaza. They didn't want to walk there coz like Edo said, "It's like you are smoking 3 cigarette if you walk in KL"
It cost each of us RM4 (yes, five of us squeezed into ONE taxi) Naz wanted to changed his PSU there. After that we went to Sg Wang plaza for lunch and for the MMCC itself. We had our lunch in KFC. I saw BladeWing passed by KFC when I was having my meal. I suppose to pass him a toy sword which I bought in Jonker Street the night before. Later on, we went to 6th floor in the plaza heading to the competition spot.

I was like !@#$%^&* when I saw that place. It was so small (as small as normal classroom in the faculty). Then we walked around and met some friends who we got to know during GACC. MogiMogiMonster (MMM) came with a box. He hide himself in the box and walked around with the box as well. I can finally see how he looked like since he covered him face with a paperbag during GACC XD

MogiMogiMonster (the paperbagman) in the box XD

I met BladeWing and pass the sword to him. He hugged me so tight in front of everyone (-___-)" Hopefully his girl fans won't chase me with big knives. I wasn't in the right mood to take photo so I just sit on a beanch while waiting for the event to start. The place started to get too crowded because more people came in.

Tres Iqus & Sister Esther Blanchett

Blerghhh!! I'm too lazy to describe each of every finalist performance, so I'll just post up some pic. I didn't manage to take photo for the first contestant because I was standing far behind from the tiny winy stage where I can see lotsa big heads with spiky hair right in front of my eyes. I slowly moved to the right side of the stage; right behind of the sound system.

The MC for event was the lamest I've ever seen. He's so gay and couldn't stick to one language while he mced the event. I know it's good to speak in multi languages, but please be considerae to those who dont understand Mandarin and Cantonese. I was tempted to push down the sound system right on his head and drag Kiwi onto the stage to become the MC :D

Here are some photos that I took from the side of the stage ^^;;

Performances by The Cosplay Club members

the waitress

Shinigamis found a soul..

Shinigamis fought and Byakuya Taichou was defeated and kena pijak by Hollow Ichigo

Kaki buli (-___-)"

click here and here for MORE MMCC photos
P/S: I took 215 photos on that day for the event itself but I'm too lazy to edit and add watermark on all of them :P

YES!! Tom Cruise LOVE Kuala Lumpur so much that he decided to save the city himself by doing MISSION IMPOSSIBLE this 3rd May 2006

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2 in one

We had GACC appreciation hi-tea in Bayview Hotel last Saturday. The club’s hi-com rented a bus to go to the hotel. We pushed out from MMU at 2.30pm to Bayview Hotel and straight go to the cafeteria at 4th floor. There was a swimming pool outside the cafeteria and a gym inside the building itself facing the pool.

There were so many GACC working comm. I was busy taking photos and had my food quite late. Overall the food is pretty good. Slightly better than Equatorial Hotel’s food which I had for Trinite.

Here are some photos that I took or someone else took for me ^^;

Oh btw, Kiwi did something “shocking”. He “proposed” Loo Mun and gave her a ring XD

Okay. It was a joke (-___-)”
It was Loo Mun’s birthday a few days ago and Kiwi gave her a present, a pair of earrings. We some sort bullied Kiwi and asked him to kneel down while giving the present to her. I took a video :P Nyehahahahaha

plz dont kill me...
Then we got back to MMU at 5.30pm and I quickly recharge my digital camera because I was planning to take photos during the Japanese Culture Night which started at 8pm in main hall. Too bad, I didn’t have enough time to fully charge the battery. It was almost 8pm when I quickly rushed to main hall. I met Benee and Daniel who were on their way there too. I bought ticket on the spot and met QJ. The ushers gave me a really warm welcome at the entrance which almost made me got a heart attack (-___-)”

Then I met Loo Mun, Kristine, Shin Dee and Kay Lyn. We including QJ, Benee and Daniel sat at the same row and the event started

I tried to take photo from my seat but got blocked by a few “big heads” in front of me (-__-)’ So, I went to the front and got myself the first row seat. I took a lot of photos from there but too bad my digital camera has only 3 times zoom. The photos are quite blur

Oh yea, they had this Japanese drum play and a Japanese traditional dance where pretty girls wore yukata and high heels. They looked akward since yukata and high heels are not a good match. Things after that was something I didn’t expect…

They had this break dance on the stage which made me think if it was a suitable show for a Japanese cultural night. Is break dance part of Japanese culture? Maybe in the Japanese modern society but still I seriously think that it was not suitable. People want to see things which got to do with Japanese culture. Something rare and which can be only seen in Japan.

The next “best” thing was that they had a fashion show I don’t mind they have a fashion but a bridal clothing fashion show? I guess they have to do it whether they like it or not since they got a sponsorship from a bridal shop. But it would be a lot better if they had the Japanese bridal clothing instead. Oh well, they did have Japanese fashion show but only on Japanese traditional clothing for male and female. The fashion show was still on going with the Japanese street wear fashion show. Those clothes look pretty normal to me. Trust me, you can find them around KL especially big and happening shopping malls like Mid Valley and Suria KLCC. I was hoping to see some "cosplay fashion" show ^^;

Later on, they had this sketch about Japanese version of Little Red Riding Hood combined with some “Densha Otoko” heroic scene and ‘bleached’ by a Shinigami who randomly pop out chasing a girl and some other random mixture of anime where the actors and actresses spoke some random Japanese word like “obachan” and “arigato” in the middle of their conversation. It was pretty funny and kind of silly at the same time. But at least audience who came enjoyed the sketch. Forget to mention that, Christopher was the one in charge for sketch XD

After the drama, once again there was this pop culture Latin rumba dance by some dancers. Uhmmm I seriously have no idea why they had all these break dance and Latin rumba dance thingy at the first place. They were seemed out of place….

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Friday, April 14, 2006

random photos

Just post these up for fun XD

P/S: I know that the photos are crappy but still I kindda love looking at them ^^;;
They are all taken from my unit's balcony



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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

When "Cholic" is translated into BM..

it became like THIS!!!






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Thursday, April 06, 2006

trinite bites

I'm too lazy to post a long entry so I' just post some pics taken by kiwiboy ^^;

Edo sent me and Naz to Equatorial Hotel around 6.30pm. I didnt feel comfortable wearing my dress and high heels at first but I dont give a damn anymore coz that's the only outfit that I have in my wardrobe.

Met up with Kiwi later on at Equatorial's fountain and asked his help to put on my contact lense but he FAILED. He said my eyes are too small and he cannot put contact lense for other people coz his hands were shaking like shit.

Went inside and saw Jin and his gf. Also met with Thye Shin and Ai Ling. She look beautiful XD
Later on Lynn came and I asked her help to put on my contact lense and she failed too (-__-)"
So she just put some make up on my face so that I look "fresh" a lil. Thanks alot Lynn :D

Then I took photo with Kiwi and Naz and some other people that I know before going upstairs for the ball room.

We sat at table number 28 out of 70+. So it's consider a quite good table already. Waited for Hsia Liang for quite some time. We got a shock when he came to us. He looked like a macho gangster leader with his outfit (-__-)"
I was quite jealous to see 3 couples sitting on the same table with me, Kiwi, Naz and Hsia Liang.

The prom night MCs were 2 DJ, Junior and Jake. They were quite a talkative bunch of guys. Heh~ I pity them coz people didnt give much support to them.
The food was not so good. They were cold. Maybe bcoz of the air-cond but at least I can cook better than that. Seriously... although my cooking skills are quite bad, I can cook a better fried sotong and cook kangkung.

I was joking aorund telling Kiwi to take some food for me. He left so I went to take food for myself. A few moment later, Kiwi got back with 2 plates full with food; he gave one to me and I was speechless. I told him that I was joking with him and he took it seriously (-___-)"
My April Fool plan FAILED. So I ended up eating alot of food.... Thanks to Kiwi

We went outside to take some photos xD

Then I went to the toilet to fresh up myself. Went I got back, the MCs announced that Daniel (the Malaysian Idol Season 2 winner) is going to perform at that very moment. So I just stand somewhere near the stage enjoying the performance by Daniel. I saw Kiwi and told him to take lotsa pic XD
He's quite good in singing. I have no doubt on Daniel now :)

Image hosting by Photobucket

After that, it was Jac's turn. Jaclyn Victor was the winner for the Malaysian Idol season 1. Helaluva. She was awesome!!! I really like her singing alot. For the second song, she was willing to come down from the stage and sing in front of the VIPs table.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Amber Chia was there too. She looked really gorgeious with her native-motive pinky bright pink dress. Too bad I couldnt take photo with her. Jac was dancing and people were cheering on her. She's really good and sporting. Then, Jac called up for Daniel and both of them sang "Gemilang"; one of the song that Jac sang during her MI final perfomance which made her win the competition.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Guess who was the last artist to perform in Trinite?

It was Reshmonu!!! I love his songs so much especially "It's You That Matters" but too bad he didnt sing it. He sang "Hey Waley" instead and some other songs. "Hey Waley" brought me up into the dancing mood. I took his photos while dancing that was why they are blur :P

Image hosting by Photobucket

Then they announced the prom king and queen. The girl that i rooted for didnt win. It's a sad case coz for me, her performance was really good compare to the others. Discrimination? I dont want to say anything else...

Trinite almost come to the end...
Loving couples were dancing around under the soft lights and slow music. I was somewhat forced by my friends to dance with Kiwi and we actually did danced together. He stepped on my foot a few times (-__-)" Then Kiwi danced with Ai Ling. I heard Thye Shin was angry that his girl got snatched :D
It was my first dance and I had a had time dancing with Kiwi, the first timer too :P

PS: I saw Ai Ling and Thye Shin k*** XD Nyehehehehe

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Tickle that tickles

I tried out a Tickle quiz which I've gotten from Kid's blog. It's something like a personality test based on color (depends on what you answer tho)
I clicked on the link and asnwered all questions until I reached the second last Q where I need to fill in my name. So I did. Then, for the last question, it wanted my email add, so I did. I key in my gmail account. There's a page pop up after that. I thought I can view my result but I was wrong. Instead of getting my result, I got this...

click to view image

I was wondering why the heck Tickle want my Gmail password? But I just gave in and type my password "xxxxxxxxx"

To my horror.....

click to view image

Tickle now have access to MY address book in my Gmail account woth MY password. Oh gawd dammit!! I got tricked. April Fool!!!!!!!! BOOOHOOOO~~~

I only got to see my result after I click "Send" (I untick all boxes except for 3 people)

click to view image

I feel really stupid for giving in my password just because of a really stupid quiz result.

Here's my result anyway....

Take this test at Tickle

Your true color is Blue!

You're blue — the most soothing shade of the spectrum. The color of a clear summer sky or a deep, reflective ocean, blue has traditionally symbolized trust, solitude, and loyalty. Most likely a thoughtful person who values spending some time on your own, you'd rather connect deeply with a few people than have a bunch of slight acquaintances. Luckily, making close friends isn't that hard, since people are naturally attracted to you — they're soothed by your calming presence. Cool and collected, you rarely overreact. Instead, you think things through before coming to a decision. That level-headed, thoughtful approach to life is patently blue — and patently you!

What's Your True Color?

Brought to you by Tickle

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