Friday, February 10, 2006

no pay, no pee

What I'm trying to say is that, you have to pay freaking RM2 to pee!!
It's true. I went to KLCC with my mum today and at some moment, we felt the urge to pee. So we headed to the public toilet at 2nd floor. As we were walking towards the toilet, we saw a Malay lady sitting there with a guy. Obviously they collect money from desperados who really need to pee wee while shopping in the grand mall like us. Then we saw the sign board.....

"RM 2 per entry"

We were horrified and quickly walked off. We jumped on the escalator and went down to the ground floor looking for another toilet desperadely. Finally, we found one. There were alot of people queuing up but it doesn't matter to us as long as we don't have to pay RM2 for it.

P/S: I bought a black flowery choker and 2 feather earrings from Chamelon in KLCC. Also bought Cowboy Bebop OST; No Disc. My mum bought me a heart-shaped-ribboned box of Ferrero Rocher for Valentine's Day. V day is not only for gf/bf lovers ok? You can celebrate V day with your parents and siblings as well. You can love yourself when nobody love you.

For those who are single, do pamper yourself. Do stuff that you like and enjoy the most. V Day is for everyone :)

*my post bout someone smashed my mum's car seems to be "missing" :(



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