Sunday, February 25, 2007

CNY log

Currently listening to "Sayonara arigatou ~ama no kaze~" by Natsukawa Rimi

Just came back from the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday break. This year I got ang pao as well. My bro came to Taiping & stayed there for 2 nights. We went to my step dad's house the night before CNY for the family gathering dinner. My bro did eat alot & ended up having diarrhea. Pity him.. The next day, we went to my step dad's house again. We were late though coz my bro had a headache & stomachache. I guess he couldn't stand staying in the the room without the air-cond. I cooked plain porridge for him along with some fried egg. That's all I could do with my limited cooking skill :/

Later in the afternoon, we went to Ipoh visiting my step family's relatives house. After that me, my bro, my step sis & her bf went to Jusco. I bought salmon & cod fish fillet back to Taiping. LOLZ You can never find them in Taiping... Sad case :(
We bought some sushi back home too. My step sis "forced" my bro to let her drive back home coz my bro looked kindda tired & sleepy. In the end, she did drove back home & her bf couldn't sit still coz he was afraid that she go speeding. Told my bro to sleep during the trip back to Taiping but he didn't. He kept on singing along with whatever Chinese & Japanese song that has been played (-__-)"

My bro went back to Penang the next day in the afternoon. Afew days later we went to Betong, Thailand together although there was a bombing incident during the CNY. My mum & I went to Butterworth to meet up with my bro then we head to Baling, Kedah (that's the only way you can get to Betong). There, we went to some relatives house before head to Betong. I made my border pass at the border too. I wanted to go there as well for quite some time. I've been begging at her & she finally bring me there. There, she said she saw a few suspicious looking people & decided to head back to the Msia - Thai border ASAP :P

Then we went to my aunt & uncle's house. My uncle's family thought that my bro is my boyfriend at first. Oh gosh... They couldn't recognize him coz he is kindda chubby now :P

Then we head back to Penang & stay overnight at my bro's apartment on the island. I played PS2 in his room while he watched the international stock market with his PC & laptop while chatting in IRCQNet. My mum pinched me many times telling me to go to bed but I ignored her & continue playing PS2. I was playing "Genji" & it was freaking awesome. Around 2am I couldn't stand it, feeling tired after travel the whole day, I slept in my bro's room. My bro still stuck at his PC at that time. Let's just say that all of us slept in the same room with me & my mum on the bed & my bro on the floor. He rented the other room in his house to a few guys who are undergo for industrial training. They were not around though. The living is filled by their PCs; FOUR of them. I could just take & sell them away :D

The next morning, me & my mum went back to Taiping where I continue my sleep from 12pm to 5pm. My step dad asked if I want to follow him & my step bro to his friend's house for CNY & I said no while I was half asleep (actually I don't even remember myself saying that. my mum told me that i said so)

I got my camera back btw. They replace it with new one actually but different model. It's Kodak V603; 6.1 megapixels & it's black it color. My total ang pao money was only RM60+
Still, it's better than not having even 1 cent :P

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Wakakaka Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it & happy holiday to those you are not :P

*start packing her stuff*

P/S: thanks to Blazeblade for the CNY forum sig



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Friday, February 02, 2007

Solo a tu lado quiero vivir

I'm currently into this particular song by Jyve V. It might be an old Spanish song but... it ROCKS!! It was an opening song for a Spanish drama which I forgot the title (I think it's the one where there were two twin sisters where one is an evil one & the other is a kind one) The song title means "I want to spend my whole life with you"

ya sé porque estas dudando
sé lo que vas a pensar
sera este un amor eterno
sera un amor de verdad

Aunque se que esto no es facil de entender
que parece una locura
aunque sé que es muy dificil de creer
el amor de mi vida eres tu
sólo a tu lado quiero vivir
sin ti mi cielo se vuelve gris
dime que hacer si no estas aqui
sólo a tu lado quiero vivir

te mostraré lo que siento
de lo infinito al final
pido tu mano y prometo
por siempre te voy amar


sólo a tu lado quiero vivir
sin ti mi cielo se vuelve gris
dime que hacer si no estas aqui
sólo a tu lado quiero vivir


I already know because these doubting
I know what you are going to think
To be a this eternal love
To be a love really

Although that this is not easy to understand
that it seems a madness
although I know that it is very difficult to believe
the love of my life you are your
only to your side I want to live
without you my sky becomes gray
it tell me that to do if not these here
only to your side I want to live

I will show to you what I feel
of the infinite thing in the end
I request your hand and I promise
always I go to you to love



only to your side I want to live
without you my sky becomes gray
it tell me that to do if not these here
only to your side I want to live



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