Monday, January 09, 2006

Games that I play..

Uhmm well I did say that I'm going to post about games that I play...
No WoW/CS/NFS here. I dont really play those popular games. I play only those games that I think fit & easy for me :P

Age of Mythology
I love the god-power thingy in this game. Example of you're playing the Egyptian civilizations, you are able to choose which major God you want between Ra, Isis and Set. I like to play Isis the most. There are a few minor God under her. Each of them have different power and you have to choose one out two each time you advance to the next age. My favourite pick is Osiris. He turns the pharaoh into a lightning wielding semi-god (Son of Osiris)

1) Invoke tornado power to damage enemy's buildings
2) Son of Osiris kill enemy's Pharaoh with his staff along with alligator that attack enemy with sun ray

This is from Age of Mytholy : The Titans demo version
I dont know how install the full version into my PC T_T

Age of Empires III

Other than AOM, I like to play AOE too. I played AOE II demo only before this but not the full version. When AOE III came out, i rushed to store to buy the game. Of course it's the *ahem* version >.>
Will get the original version one when i have money or just hope for someone to buy for me. I like AOE III more because of those classical war ships!! Kyaa~~ I cant ge enough of destroying my enemy's buldings and ship.

Battle Realms / Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf
I just play this game for fun It's almost the same with AOE & AOM. Train workers/peasants/villagers to collect resources so that you can build buildings, train soldiers, upgrade the buildings etc
There are four clans in Battle Realms ; Dragon Clan, Serpent Clan, Lotus Clan & Wolf Clan
I like Dragon Clan the most coz I can train powerful Dragon Warrior and Kabuki Warrior. Not to forget the Samurai who will stab himself with his sword when he almost die. So much for samurai dignity >.>

Rising Kingdoms
This is another game that I usually play. The game is not much different compare to the other previous games that I mentioned. As for this game, the villagers have to collect gold and jewel ONLY so that they can train warriors & army, build & upgrade buildings etc

I have this The Chronicle of Narnia game... but it's with Kidrock now. Kid, gimme next sem >.>
But too bad my graphic card dont support the game. Need new GC with pixel shader

PS: Good luck in your exam guys and girls :)
~\_(^.^)_/~ ~\_(^.^)_/~ ~\_(^.^)_/~

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